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The 5 Choices to Extraordinary Productivity

by Franklin Covey


“The 5 Choices to Extraordinary Productivity teaches you how to achieve extraordinary results. This solution will empower you to achieve outcomes that have previously been outside your reach. It will enable you to make day-to-day decisions that are focused on your most important outcomes instead of focusing on the gravel that gets thrown at you constantly. You will learn to eliminate the activities that distract you from achieving your most important goals. The 5 Choices to Extraordinary Productivity will guide you to a new paradigm of your roles, effective weekly and daily planning, technology mastery, and energy renewal for truly extraordinary achievements.

The five  choices are:

  1. Act  on the important, don’t react to the urgent. Do you  have the ability to clearly evaluate which choices will give you the highest  return on your time and attention? Make a good choice and concentrate for more  than 5 seconds.
  2. Go  for extraordinary, don’t settle for ordinary. Do you define purposeful,  high-impact outcomes that  will transform the results you get in work and life? You know you want to be  extraordinary – come and find out how.
  3. Schedule  the big rocks, don’t sort gravel. Do you  know how to prioritize and organize those few high-leverage activities that  will move you forward personally and professionally? You can do better than one  step forward 10 steps back!
  4. Rule  your technology, don’t let technology rule you. Do you have a reliable  personal system that accelerates your ability to get the right things done, or  are you constantly distracted by your technology? A sticky note on your smart phone does not count as a  reliable system.
  5. Fuel  the fire, don’t burn out. Do you  regularly renew your body, mind, heart, and spirit to generate maximum energy  for the things that matter most? You need more than 2 hours of sleep to count  as renewal time.”


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