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24 Carat BOLD

24 Carat BOLD – The Standard for REAL Thought Leaders

by Mindy Gibbins-Klein







“Are you a thought leader?  How do you know?  In the past, it has been hard to identify the qualities that distinguish true innovators from the rest of the pack.  In this incisive and challenging book, leading executive marketing strategist Mindy Gibbins-Klein presents an exciting, systematic approach to becoming a ‘REAL Thought Leader’ and gaining recognition and credibility.”

R – E – A – L

R = Reach

E = Engagement

A = Authority

L = Longevity


Chapter 1 – Why we need Thought Leaders more than ever

Chapter 2 – Thought Leadership is a Choice

Chapter 3 – REAL Thought Leadership

Chapter 4 – Reach for the BOLD

Chapter 5 – Good Engagement is BOLD

Chapter 6 – Be a Shining Authority

Chapter 7 – Longevity Wins in the Long Run

Chapter 8 – How to write a book the REAL way

Chapter 9 – What really stops most people from Going for BOLD

Chapter 10 – REAL Wealth


” Cream naturally rises to the top of the milk and REAL thought leaders rise to the top in our communities, businesses, politics and consciousness.”

“THOUGHT LEADER: A futurist or person who is recognised among their peers, mentors and market for innovative ideas and demonstrates the confidence to promote and share those ideas as actionable distilled insights.”

“The pressure of time encourages the busy executive to find more and more creative ways of getting more and more done.  They get better at delegating; they get faster at decision-making.”

“Thought leaders influence others’ thinking, which leads to action”