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Office 2010: OneNote 2010

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Keep project information at your fingertips. Discover a smarter way to organize your ideas with Microsoft OneNote 2010.
Whether you’re tackling a school, household, or work project, or just want one easy place to keep information important to you, Microsoft OneNote 2010 is a great way to keep all of your notes organized and bring your ideas to life.
A richer note-taking experience
OneNote 2010 provides you with a single convenient place to collect ideas, pictures, tables, sketches, videos, audio files, or Web links you need for a project.
Screenshot: Microsoft OneNote 2010
Find what you’re looking for faster
Forget flipping through pages of papers to track down that one stat, quote, price, or bit of information you need. With OneNote 2010, you can search all of your notes by keyword, or by tags that you can attach to content.
Screenshot: Search all of your notes in Microsoft OneNote 2010
Capture an idea, without losing focus
Have an inspiration for your project, but don’t want to get sidetracked from what you’re already working on? You can jot down a quick linked note in OneNote 2010 while working in other Office applications.
To take a closer look at all the new features in OneNote 2010, be sure to check out Getting Started: What’s New in OneNote 2010?
Screenshot: linked note in OneNote 2010
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