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ID card database destroyed

Thursday, 10 Feb 2011

The Home Office has announced that the ID card database has been destroyed.

Shredded identity database 

A database built to hold the fingerprints and personal details of millions of ID card holders has today been publicly destroyed.

Around 500 hard disk drives and 100 back up tapes containing the details of 15,000 holders have been magnetically wiped and shredded.

They will soon be incinerated in an environmentally friendly waste-for-energy process.

This signals an end to the National Identity Register which was built to hold the details of people who applied for an ID card.

The scheme was scrapped by the coalition government and the cards ceased to be valid legal documents on 22 January.

Database destruction

Home Office minister Damian Green helped shred the last of the hard disk drives at an Essex industrial site today.

‘Laying ID cards to rest demonstrates the government’s commitment to scale back the power of the state and restore civil liberties,’ he said.

‘This is about people having trust in the government to know when it is necessary and appropriate for the state to hold and use personal data, and it is about the government placing their trust in the common-sense and responsible attitude of people.

‘This is just the first step in the process of restoring and maintaining our freedoms.’

Privacy & Data Protection

The British Library

24th February 2010 2pm-4pm

As part of their “Web in Feb” series, The British Library Business & IP Centre is hosting a Workshop on “Privacy & Data Protection”

This workshop will explain:

  • What your fundamental obligations are under data protection legislation
  • When and how to register with the Information Commissioner’s Office
  • How to store, transmit and process with data and sensitive data lawfully
  • The importance of a privacy policy and how to choose a suitable policy for your business

The workshop will be presented by data protection expert Jaan Larner of leading City law firm Keystone Law. You’ll also have a chance to ask questions and network with other attendees.

Event details

Who should attend? Anyone who will be collecting customer data in their business.
Place: British Library Business & IP Centre
Cost: £10 with discount code “britishlibrary2010”
Full details: