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I discovered this website resource today which is a great collection of professionally designed graphics that will help enhance the visual appearance of presentations.  Here’s a brief extract:


The Problem
“You need a great presentation, proposal, marketing slick, or document but you have very little time or money. (Sound familiar?) You have a great solution but you need to turn it into a powerful graphic that quickly shows you have the best solution. You know graphics will help your document shine and up your chances of success. Unfortunately, the only graphics you have, if you have any at all, miss the mark. What do you do? Use Billion Dollar Graphics’ solutions to solve your problem now.”

Solution – PowerPoint Graphics
“Introducing BizGraphics On Demand. Search and download from an amazing library of editable graphics. Lower your risk and cost, speed development, and increase the success
of your presentations, proposals, sales materials, and much more with this one tool.”

(c) BizGraphics On Demand

I have downloaded one which I have used to create a study plan for a Management Qualification that makes the whole journey seem much more interesting than a traditional list.  Compare the list to the visual below:-

Unit 7001: Personal Development as a Strategic Manager – Oct 2011

Unit 7004: Strategic Information Management – Nov 2011

Unit 7002: Strategic Performance Management – Dec 2011

Unit 7009: Strategic Project Management – Jan 2012

Unit 7013: Being a Strategic Leader – Feb 2012

Unit 7014: Strategic Leadership Practice – March 2012

Unit 7006: Organisational Direction – April 2012

Unit 7003: Financial Management – May 2012

Unit 7005: Conducting a Strategic Project – June 2012


For me there is absolutely no doubt that the visual, below, is vastly more interesting than the list, above, and I would much prefer to see visuals (rather than boring bullet points) when attending presentations.

This is an excellent resource for anyone who has to create a presentation and who needs some help making it more visually appealing and interesting.

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  1. Fantastic graphic! Much better than a textual list. Now, it tells a brief “story” about the process, is far more approachable, and is more likely to be remembered (even if its the visual representation that is recalled). Well done. 🙂

  2. […] Yesterday, I discovered a great website resource from BizGraphics On Demand which is a great collection of professionally designed graphics that will help enhance the visual appearance of presentations.  See yesterday’s post for more details about BizGraphicsOnDemand. […]

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