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I have recently completed my Assignment for Unit 5001 “Personal Development as a Manager or Leader” as part of my Level 5 Diploma in Management Coaching and Mentoring (via CMI) and have thoroughly enjoyed the process, especially as this was the final Assignment.    I’ve now completed the whole Diploma.

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Unit 5001 covers the following:-

Be able to assess and plan for personal professional development

  • Explain the importance of continual self-development in achieving organisational objectives
  • Assess current skills and competencies against defined role requirements and organisational objectives
  • Identify development opportunities to meet current and future defined needs
  • Construct a personal development plan with achievable but challenging goals

Be able to plan for the resources required for personal professional development

  • Identify the resources required to support the personal development plan

Be able to implement and evaluate the personal development plan

  • Discuss the processes required to implement the personal development plan
  • Evaluate the impact of the personal development plan on the achievement of defined role requirements and organisational objectives
  • Review and update the personal development plan

Be able to support and promote staff welfare

  • Discuss the relationship between staff welfare and organisational objectives
  • Explain the process for assessing staff welfare
  • Identify the actions to be taken by the manager dealing with a staff welfare issue
  • Describe how to communicate responsibilities for staff welfare to the team
  • Discuss records that may be maintained to demonstrate that staff welfare is supported

Amongst the many and varied resources I used, I found the following books to be particularly relevant and useful:-


Comments on: "Unit 5001 Personal Development as a Manager or Leader" (7)

  1. phil wilkinson said:


    I’m really strugling with ‘Identify development opportunities to meet current and future defined needs’

    • Phil
      I don’t know what you’re struggling with from your comment so don’t know how to offer any help. Are you struggling with the definition / meaning of the Criteria or struggling to know what your actual development opportunities are?

      My advice would be to discuss both aspects with your Assessor.

  2. First I identified my areas for personal development (in all areas of expertise, both current and future) and then I created a Personal Development Plan in which I listed all the books I wanted to read and also a list a webinars/seminars/workshops/training courses I felt I should attend.

    I update that PDP constantly and reflect on what I learnt from each activity (reading/webinars etc) in a separate CPD log.

    • Hi, I am also studying the same course and i am struggling to decide the best format to present this assignment. In your opinion having completed this assignment, could you provide any advice on how you structured your assignment?

      • Hi Darren

        My first piece of advice would be to liaise with your Assessor and seek guidance from the Centre to ensure that whatever you submit will be in an approved format for the Centre’s EV (External Verifier) because otherwise you might encounter problems in the first place.

        I personally created a Word document, using Headings and Sub-Headings for each of the Learning Outcomes and Assessment Criteria and wrote my narrative for each sub-heading. At the back I inserted various Appendices into which I inserted an extract from any relevant documents (such as my CPD log and my PDP) and had the originals of those documents available when needed.

        I found that the more structured I was (i.e using a sub-heading for each Assessment Criteria) really helped me to work through the Unit tackling different Assessment Criteria at different stages.

        Hope that helps,

  3. Hi Kaye,

    Thanks for the guidance with the first assignment, I found it very helpful. I am currently working through the second assignment which covers recruitment and selection. One section requires me to discuss the legal instruments impacting recruitment and selection. I am slightly confused by the term ‘legal instruments’, would this be documentation the organisation uses and keeps for the recruitment and selection process or does this refer to legislations affecting the process?

    Thanks in advance for your assistance.



  4. Hi Darren

    I didn’t do any Units about recruitment and selection so can’t directly help. Which Unit is it?

    However, from a quick internet search, here’s a definition from Wikipedia as food for thought:

    “Legal instrument is a legal term of art that is used for any formally executed written document that can be formally attributed to its author,[1] records and formally expresses a legally enforceable act, process,[2] or contractual duty, obligation, or right, and therefore evidences that act, process, or agreement.[3][4] Examples include a certificate, deed, bond, contract, will, legislative act, notarial act, court writ or process, or any law passed by a competent legislative body in municipal (domestic) or international law.”

    My advice would be to discuss the above definition with your Assessor to ensure that you have a consensus of opinion before you proceed.

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