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I have recently completed my Assignment for Unit 5016 “Management Coaching & Mentoring Skills” as part of my Level 5 Diploma in Management Coaching and Mentoring (via CMI) and have really enjoyed the process, especially as this means that there is just one Assignment to go to enable me to complete.

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Unit 5016 covers the following:-

Understand how learning and development styles support the coaching and mentoring practice

  • Assess the different learning and development styles of self and individuals
  • Review and evaluate the impact of the differing learning styles on the development and operation of coaching and mentoring programmes
  • Construct a development plan to support individuals and team styles using coaching and mentoring activities

Be able to develop skills as a manager in coaching and mentoring

  • Assess current skills of communication and people development to support personal practice of coaching and mentoring
  • Identify development opportunities to meet personal skills’ needs and to develop own practice
  • Evaluate skills and practices and produce a personal development plan in relation to coaching and mentoring skills

Be able to articular and develop a coherent ethical framework to support coaching and mentoring programmes and activities

  • Develop a coherent, congruent statement of ethics for coaching and mentoring programmes and activities
  • Analyse the impact of personal and organisational values and belief systems on the delivery of coaching and mentoring activities
  • Evaluate personal coaching and mentoring performance, detailing ways of dealing with beliefs, values, diversity and conflicts of interest

Amongst the many and varied resources I used, I found the following books to be particularly relevant and useful:-

Supercoaching by G. Alexander

Supercoaching (2005) by G. Alexander

Coaching Skills for Leaders (2009) by J. Arnold

Coaching Skills for Leaders (2009) by J. Arnold










In addition, I have also ordered the following books to read as follow-up research:

Office Politics: the new rules, 2009, R. Yeung

Political dilemmas at work: how to maintain your integrity and further your career, 2008, Ranker, Gautry and Phipps

Leading at a higher level: Blanchard on leadership and creating high performing organisations, 2007, K. Blanchard

A Manager’s guide to self-development, 2007, Pedler, Burgoyne, Boydell, Maidenhead


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