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In association with the British Library, the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) run the  “Management Book of the Year” competition.  Henry Mintzberg’s “Managing” won “CMI Management Book of the Year 2010” which is described as follows:

“Managing: the most revealing book yet written about what managers do, how they do it and how they can do it better.”

“This ground-breaking book draws on Mintzberg’s personal observations of 29 managers in a fascinating range of settings.  What he saw – the unrelenting pace, the frequent interruptions, the lack of any tangible signs that the job is ever complete – has compelled him to describe managing as a practice, not a science or a profession, one learned primarily through experience and rooted in context.  His probing analysis of management in action allows him to offer a compelling vision of what constitutes truly effective management.”

“This landmark book by one of the world’s leading business thinkers is about managing, pure if not simple.  It tackles the big questions managers everywhere face, such as:

  • How is anyone supposed to think, let alone think ahead, in this frenetic job?
  • Are leaders really more important than managers?
  • Is email destroying management practice?
  • Are managers the only ones who can, or should, manage?
  • How are managers supposed to connect when the very nature of their job disconnects them from what they are managing?
  • How can you manage it when you can’t reliably measure it?

Managing makes sense of what might be the world’s most important job.”


Chapter 1: Managing Ahead

Chapter 2: The Dynamics of Managing

Chapter 3: A Model of Managing

Chapter 4: The Untold Varieties of Managing

Chapter 5: The Inescapable Conundrums of Managing

Chapter 6: Managing Effectively

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