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I have just completed my Assignment for Unit 5017 “Management Coaching Practice” as part of my Level 5 Diploma in Management Coaching and Mentoring (via CMI) and have really enjoyed the process.

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Unit 5017 covers the following:-

Understand the tools and techniques used in coaching practice

  • Explain what is meant by the coaching cycle
  • Evaluate the use of reflection, self-awareness, dialogue, questioning and listening techniques within coaching activities to achieve behavioural and organisational change
  • Explain the impact of personalities on the selection of the tools and techniques adopted with individuals
  • Determine when problem-solving techniques are appropriate within coaching activities
  • Explain the differing techniques needed when coaching different groups and individuals

Understand the need to develop relationships to support coaching practice

  • Analyse what is needed for successful coaching relationships
  • Identify how to build the commitment of the individuals to establish a partnership for effective coaching
  • Establish goals and agree action plans with individuals
  • Evaluate individuals’ engagement with the programe through the coaching process

Be able to develop coaching interventions to meet organisational requirements

  • Discuss guidelines and protocols for interventions based on accepted coaching theory and practice
  • Develop coaching interventions against identified organisational objectives
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the coaching interventions in achieving organisational objectives

Amongst the many and varied resources I used, I found the following books to be particularly relevant and useful:-

SuperCoaching - Alexandar & Renshaw

Coaching Skills for Leaders - Jackie Arnold

Excellence in Coaching - The Industry Guide - J. Passmore






Brand You - Purkiss & Royston-Lee








In addition, I have ordered the following book:

  • W.Timothy Gallwey’s The Inner Game of Work, 2000

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