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I have just completed my Assignment for Unit 5014 “Introduction to Management Coaching and Mentoring” as part of my Level 5 Diploma in Management Coaching and Mentoring (via CMI) and have really enjoyed the process.

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Unit 5014 covers the following:-

  • Understand the concept and purpose of management coaching and mentoring
  • Describe the purpose of coaching in human resources development
  • Describe the role of mentoring in management
  • Evaluate the difference between coaching and mentoring
  • Be able to determine the use of management coaching and mentoring as a tool in human resources development
  • Evaluate the benefits of coaching and mentoring in performance management
  • Explain the role of coaching and mentoring in team leading
  • Understand the relationship between coaching & mentoring & organisational objectives
  • Analyse the role of a manager as a coach and mentor

Amongst the many and varied resources I used, I found the following two books to be particularly relevant and useful:-

Excellence in Coaching cover page

Excellence in Coaching - The Industry Guide - J. Passmore

Managers Guide to Mentoring

Managers Guide to Mentoring by C. J. Crawford

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  1. What is the origin of mentoring?

    The origins of mentoring can be traced back to ancient Greece and Odysseus. In Homer’s Odyssey Mentor was the wise and old friend of Odysseus in whom Odysseus placed the care, guidance and education of his son Telemachus when Odysseus left to fight the Trojan War.

    The first recorded modern usage of the term can be traced to a 1699 book entitled “Les Aventures de Telemaque” by the French writer François Fénelon whose lead character is Mentor.

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