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Excellence in Coaching

I have just finished reading “Excellence in Coaching – The Industry Guide“, edited by Jonathan Passmore, which I have found to be a fantastic resource as I begin the journey of studying for a Diploma (Level 5) in Management Coaching and Mentoring.  I highly recommend it.

In the words of the editor, Jonathan Passmore, this book is different:  “It brings together a range of the best writings on the subject without judgement or favour.  As such, it gives the reader an opportunity to sample the field and take responsibility for their own choice of which path or paths to follow or combine, or whether to carve out a new path of their own.  Any coach, or would-be coach, is bound to gain from the richness that is offered from practical experience of, and advice on , running a coaching practice to important issues such as standards, ethics and supervision, this book embraces many different methodologies.”

Chapter 1 – What is coaching? (Frank Bresser and Carol Wilson)

Chapter 2 – Coaching within organizations (Katherine Tulpa)

Chapter 3 – Leveraging the coaching investment (Katerine Tulpa)

Chapter 4 – Setting up and running your coaching practice (Alex Szabo)

Chapter 5 – Behavioural coaching – the GROW model (Graham Alexander)

Chapter 6 – Solution-focused coaching (Anthony M Grant)

Chapter 7 – Cognitive behavioural coaching (Michael Neenan)

Chapter 8 – NLP coaching (Ian McDermott)

Chapter 9 – Transpersonal coaching (John Whitmore and Hetty Einzig)

Chapter 10 – Appreciative coaching: pathway to flourishing (Ann L. Clancy and Jacqueline Binkert)

Chapter 11 – Integrative coaching (Jonathan Passmore)

Chapter 12 – Intercultural coaching (Philippe Rosinski and Geoffrey Abbott)

Chapter 13 – Coaching and stress (Maria Alicia Pena and Cary L. Cooper)

Chapter 14 – Coaching ethics: integrity in the moment of choice (Allard de Jong)

Chapter 15 – Coaching supervision (Peter Hawkins)

Chapter 16 – Evaluating coaching programmes (Alison Carter and David B. Peterson)

Chapter 17 – Coach accreditation (Diane Brennan and Alison Whybrow)

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