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Keynote Speakers

Blue ArrowDr Anthony Grant: Does coaching really enhance resilience, well-being and happiness?
Blue ArrowProfessor Stephen Palmer: Health and well-being coaching: A cognitive behavioural approach
Blue ArrowDr Tim Anstiss: Resilience Techniques of the Ancients
Blue ArrowProfessor Peter Hawkins: Developing the Ethical and Emotional Capacity of the Coach in Supervision
Blue ArrowDr Jonathan Passmore: Supervision, Ethics and Reflective Practice
Blue ArrowDr Chris Johnstone – Evoking Resilience in Times of Uncertainty

Workshops and Masterclasses

Blue ArrowProfessor David Lane: CPD in Coaching – being our own best Critical Friend
Blue ArrowMichael Chaskalson: Mindfulness
Blue ArrowRoy Childs: How Resilience affects your Coaching Practice
Blue ArrowArielle Essex: Inside Out Wellness
Blue ArrowJane Keep: Building Resilience for Consistency and Steadiness
Blue ArrowKate Burton: Coaching with Energy

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