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“Resilience: bounce back from whatever life throws at you” by Jane Clarke and Dr John Nicholson

This is a book about resilience – the ability to bounce back from tough times, or even to triumph in the face of adversity; to display tenacity, but not at the expense of reason.”

“Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising up every time we fall” – Confucius










Chapter 1 – What is resilience?

Chapter 2- Where does resilience come from?

Chapter 3- My resilient self – self-esteem and self-efficacy

Chapter 4- Can do, will – optimism and opportunism

Chapter 5- Leave it to me – taking control

Chapter 6- No worries – dealing with stress and anxiety

Chapter 7- I’ll be the judge of that – making decisions, cutting losses

Chapter 8- Getting better all the time – lifelong learning

Chapter 9- With a little help from my friends – making the most of other people

Chapter 10- I beg to differ – managing conflict

Chapter 11 – Raising the bar


There’s a Questionnaire which you can complete to establish your “RQ” i.e. Resilience Quotient at and, upon completing it, you will be sent a Report, via email, explaining your results.  

Here are some of my favourite quotes from this excellent book, which I highly recommend :-

“Over time, we have come to recognize that some people are simply less fazed by setbacks than others, clearly showing more resilience, whatever life throws at them, than others.”

“… they are energized rather than overrun by crisis, and other people actively choose to collaborate with them.”

“In order to demonstrate resilience, you need a reasonably high level of self-esteem.”

“If resilience is about bouncing back, regaining your original shape after having been pulled in all directions, stress is a force which, if not handled well, can seriously distort you – temporarily or permanently.  The ability to identify, and then deal effectively with, stress is a key characteristic of resilient people.”

“…Keep calm and carry on.”

“Sleep, exercise, taking proper holidays, writing things down, breathing deeply and talking to others are all thought to be immensely helpful in reducing or eliminating the effects of stress.”

“Resilient people tend to be instinctive, intuitive and quick decision-makers…”

“To be resilient, you have to be able to deal with conflict, and to do so effectively.”

“A key characteristic of resilient people is that they create their own vision of success.”

“Resilient people know when to reach out and ask others for help.”

“Thinking about what happens to you each day, and what lessons can be drawn from your experiences, strengthens your ‘learning muscle’ and helps you build resilience.”

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