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MindChi (Re-wire your Brain in 8 Minutes a day) by Richard Israel and Vanda North is an inspirational book which I whole-heartedly recommend.  But, what, you may ask is MindChi?  Here’s an extract from :

Situations covered include:

Achieving goals, increasing creativity, managing change, running effective meetings, coaching skills, sales prospecting, coping with rejection, closing sales, beating the competition, accepting and giving criticism, actively listening, presenting effectively, preparing for job interviews, dealing with difficult people, improving memory, remembering names and faces, speed reading, taming e-mails, multi-tasking, calming stress, balancing work and home life, being a leader, staying positive and improving self-esteem.

The book contains eight one-minute mental exercises designed to give mind chi practitioners an edge over the competition.

Mind Chi Basic – 8 Steps in JUST 8 minutes! Why not try it out for yourself with the Mind Chi Basic 8 Steps

Mind Chi is your attitude, your motivation; your outlook; your willpower; your whole way of facing life; your inner control; your resilience; your goals and purpose…. really nearly all that makes up – YOU!

Mind Chi offers you a simple and revolutionary way to improve your mental energy, (re)gain control of yourself and thereby solve your problems, master your stress and achieve your goals.

Mind Chi is a synthesis of positive psychology, mental wellness and eudemonics (the study of happiness).

The eight steps (taking just 8 minutes) of Mind Chi are grounded firmly in established theories of memory, psychology, mind and motivational development, leading edge brain/mind research and are the distillation of over eighty years’ combined personal experience and development by the authors.

The techniques are designed to improve your control, willpower, attitude, resilience, self-concept, leadership, memory and focus, and in so doing increase your success in business and life.

The Mind Chi Basic 8 step / minute routine

Below is a Mind Chi map of the 8 steps. There are four segments to the Mind Chi Basic routine, each with two steps, making the 8 minute total.

Start where the branch says ‘START’ (11:00 o’clock)

The first two steps, taking a minute each, get your body and mind set up and ready for action. (These two steps are good to do any time you want to improve your concentration and effectiveness.)

1. Breathe – Place one hand on your belly and make sure that it rises and falls more than your other hand which is placed high on your chest. Do deep ‘belly breaths’ for a minute

2. Attend – Look at a second hand on a time piece and think of the word ‘One’ for a full minute. As soon as an intruding thought comes in, move up a number. Notice what number you reached by the end of the minute. The object is to keep your score at ‘one’.

The next two steps look at your ‘PAST’ performance over 24 hour

3. Adjust – Rewind the tape to see where you might have acted / spoken / been more helpful. Learn for if there is a next time. Count these times on your non-dominate hand

4. Associate – Review the tape to see where you did perform in a helpful and positive way. Link these with your feelings of success. Count these on your dominant hand.

The next two steps look at ‘NOW’ and are of great importance. This is where you can experience (re)gaining control over yourself.

5. Be Aware – Check in with your Body, Emotions, Actions and Thoughts (BEAT) to observe how they are functioning.

6. Choose – The crucial step, because IF they are not what you wish, this is where you get to change them!

And the final two steps give you the ‘FUTURE’ you desire.

7. Plan – Project 24 hours, how would you like to be / act / think and feel?  Multi-sensorially experience yourself in a forward ‘video’.

8. Be Grateful – This is for all that you have received and may receive – it sends you on your way with a happy heart, a spring in your step and an expectant frame of mind…

Mind Chi 8 Basic Steps Map


There are a couple of excellent Questionnaires on the Mindchi website to get you started.  They are quick and easy to complete and very much worth the few minutes it takes as it enables you to reflect on yourself.


Mind Chi for Business

Did you know?

Approximately $40 Billion is LOST per year because of stress related sickness and time off tasks!

If 9 out of 10 of the larger organisation are offering health initiatives to their employees there MUST be a good reason! And there is!  They experience a drop in absenteeism, increased staff morale and improved productivity.

  • If you work, full time, part time, volunteer, unpaid or 24/7 Mind Chi is for you.
  • If you would like increased success in both your business and personal life, Mind Chi is for you.
  • If you would enjoy greater personal control, power, ability and energy, Mind Chi is for you.

‘Mind Chi’ addresses the 7 key issues that Business People face.

Mind Chi directly addresses the key issues our research shows that you, the busy Business Person, want to overcome. Mind Chi is for you if you suffer from:

  • Mental Exhaustion / Tiredness
  • Stress, strain and Burnout
  • Work-Life out of Balance
  • Un-met Goals / poor Performance
  • Poor Sales Results
  • Lack of Energy and Motivation and
  • Dented Self-concept.



A Daily Dose of Mind Chi

Mind Chi Future Image

Have you ever wondered what it might be like to have a daily dose of something positive?  Sign up now and you can have a daily dose of Mind Chi Joy from Vanda and Richard, delivered to your inbox right on cue every morning to keep you motivated and on top form.

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