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Information Management + Visual ThoughtMaps + Project Plans

Must be worth downloading the Trial Version to take a closer look …

” Mindsystems Amode V2 is the latest advancement in Information Management. Have you tried it yet?

It unifies 3 core functions into one efficient work space: Linear Data, Visuals & Project Management.

Mindsystems Amode is an Information Management tool that can help you manage almost any type of information or project in a more efficient way. It is the only software of its kind to successfully combine all the most commonly used information management functions into one seamlessly integrated application.

 It’s everything you need to manage your work: – Information Management, Sorting of Data, Visually Database your Info – Create Graphics, Visuals & Diagrams to help explain your Information – Gantt, Project Planning & Resource Management – Schedule Management with Mobile/Cell Phone and Email Alerts – Advanced Import / Export & Presentation Modes Mindsystems Amode strikes a balance between visual presentation of information and linear practicality.”

 Bridge the gap between the fluid nature of your thoughts, and the linear structure required by the world in which you work. Mindsystems Amode will help you manage your work day, complete projects sooner and make better decisions by providing you with information clarity. “

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