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Another tip from Microsoft about Outlook 2010 (Beta):-

“The new tools in Microsoft Outlook 2010 will help keep your e-mail better organized, so you never miss a beat.

Conversation view allows you to track, scan, and manage e-mail conversations at a glance, while the Clean Up tool eliminates redundant replies and Ignore automatically deletes responses to conversations you’re not interested in. Plus, customizable Quick Steps save you time by combining several actions into one click.

Take a fresh look at your inbox with Conversation view:
1. On the View tab on the Ribbon, select Conversations. 
2. Select an e-mail to view the entire conversation thread using the Reading Pane, starting with the most recent message.
3. If you would like to return to the traditional view, choose another option on the View tab on the Ribbon.
Screenshot: Conversation View
Teach your email some new QuickSteps:
Screenshot: Quick Steps in Microsoft Outlook 2010
1. On the Home tab, locate the Quick Steps section for common timesaving tasks.
2. To create your own customized Quick Step, select Create New from the Quick Steps section of the Ribbon.
3. The wizard will walk you through the tasks you can include in your Quick Step.”

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