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Email Marketing is dead

The rules of email engagement

I was very interested in this blog post: Posted 14 January 2010 09:54am by Matthew Kelleher for Econsultancy 

“Bulk email is dead. OK, some people might still be doing it, but does that mean it works as well as it could? Just look in your own junk folder to find the many emails you have opted into but no longer reach your inbox.  

AOL-Email delivery guidelines: 

“The bottom line to remember is: If as little as 1% of your customers complain, the inability to communicate with your entire customer base may be the end result” 

So why is bulk email on the way out? Well, let’s consider what the top three email ISPs have to say… 

Windows Live Hotmail – Enhancing email deliverability: 

“Complaints submitted by AOL members will be used as a basis for refusing connections from any mail server”. 

Yahoo Postmaster: 

“The mission of Yahoo! Mail is to deliver all the messages users want to receive and none that they do not. One of our strongest tools is our users’ feedback, i.e. the messages users mark as “Spam” and “Not Spam.” The simplest way for you to ensure your messages are delivered is to avoid looking like a spammer.” 

The ISPs are not obliged to accept all the mail that is sent to them, their relationship with regard to email is with their customers (the email recipients). It‘s these people who they endeavour to protect from spam and only to let through the ‘wanted’ emails to the inbox. 

It’s not a perfect system, but it has certainly kept email as a powerful and usable communications device, despite over 90% of the traffic being spam. 

Read the full article:- 


Download a White Paper”ExactTarget”




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