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Office 2010: File is back!

When Microsoft launched Office 2007 they introduced the concept of Ribbons (instead of Toolbars) and menus disappeared, most notably the File menu disappeared.  You had to click on a logo (top left hand corner of the screen, called the Office Button) from where you could find all the useful features of New, Open, Print, Save, Close, etc etc.

Trainers would have to say, “click on the Office Button”… “think of it as the old File menu” …

Microsoft Office 2010 (Beta) has re-instated the use of FILE with the introduction the Microsoft Office Backstage™ view.  Happy days!

Here’s an extract from the “Getting Started” articles…

 Whether it’s creating a new file, adding bullet points, or printing a document, Microsoft Office 2010 makes commands easy to find, so you can bring your ideas to life—fast.
Take a look Backstage.
The new Backstage view replaces the traditional File menu to let you
save, print, or create a new file with just a few clicks.
1. In the upper left-hand corner, click the File tab to open Backstage view.
2. Select the task you would like to complete, such as open a new document, print, or save your document to the Web.
3. When you’re ready to return to your document, just click the File tab again.
Screenshot: Microsoft Office 2010 File tab


Such a simple change but such an important improvement!

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