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Customising the Ribbon.
Microsoft Office 2007 allowed you to customise the Quick Access Toolbar but now Microsoft Office 2010 lets you customise the Quick Access Toolbar as well as allowing you to create a custom Ribbon tab.Here’s an extract from one of Microsoft’s “Getting to Know” articles…
Within each Office 2010 application, you can create a custom Ribbon tab to keep all the features you use most right where you need them.
1. Click the File tab, and then click Options.
2. In the Options dialog box, click Customize Ribbon and then click New Tab near the bottom of the dialog box.
Screenshot: Customize the Ribbon
3. In the Choose command from list, select your commands from the default list of Popular Commands, or use the down arrow to select from all commands. Choose the commands you use most, and add each to your new tab by clicking Add.
4. Use the up and down arrows next to the list of tabs to position your commands and tab. Select a command to move it on your tab, or select your tab to position it anywhere on the Ribbon—it can be the first tab you see, or the last.
5. With your tab selected, click Rename near the bottom of the dialog box. In the Display name box, type the name you want for your tab, and then click OK.
  Screenshot: Rename
6. Click OK to update all your changes and check out the new efficient set of commands you’ve assembled in one convenient location.

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